Watercolor Sketches

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at some traditional watercolor techniques. It’s been a while and these were great warm-ups. I sketched out the animals, then went over the pencil with a Micron pen. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after I applied the watercolor that I realized that the paper I’d used wasn’t actually watercolor paper, so the paint bled in some weird ways. Still, they were fun, and I kind of want to keep making more of these, with some variations in paint application.

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Under the Bridge

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, so I went out to a park I’d never been to to enjoy the sunshine. I brought my iPad in case there was anything interesting to draw, and I found a series of small bridges that went over a dry little ditch that held weeds instead of water. I decided to draw one of the bridges, and while I was drawing started wondering what was underneath. Lately I’ve had octopuses on the brain, so of course I decided that’s what had to be lurking.

365 Days to Digital Mastery – Day 55: Peach Blossom Day

365 Days to Digital Mastery – Day 55: Peach Blossom Day

Today is apparently Peach Blossom Day. I was checking out alternative holidays – all those fun days that celebrate something random – and discovered a celebration to the birth of one of my favorite fruits. I decided to celebrate with a digital painting (in Procreate, of course) with the beautiful petals.

These are from a photo from Komar, but I found it through a Google search.

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