Nathan’s Hair Goes Everywhere

Nathan's Hair Goes Everywhere cover

Nathan’s Hair Goes Everywhere is my very first self-published book! I am both the author and illustrator.

This story began as an inside joke between myself and my boyfriend. He has very long, gorgeous hair that tends to get everywhere (as anyone who has long hair or lives with someone with long hair knows!). We’ve been traveling a bit in the last several years, and we would joke as we went on these trips that his hair was off having adventures too. Finally, I decided that I needed to illustrate the amazing travels his hair is going on, and this book was born! This book leaves itself open to a series, so there may be more to come!

From the back cover: “Harry had always longed for adventure and on his first trip to London he ends up having the adventure of a lifetime!”

Nathan’s Hair Goes Everywhere is currently available through, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble!