Nathan’s Hair Goes Everywhere

Nathan's Hair Goes Everywhere cover

Nathan’s Hair Goes Everywhere is my very first self-published book! I am both the author and illustrator.

After talking for years about creating a children’s book, my boyfriend finally convinced me that I should go for it. Searching for a topic was difficult since I didn’t want to be preachy (no kid likes a preachy book), but what I know kids do like (and so do I) is adventure!

My boyfriend and I have an inside joke that his long, gorgeous hair ends up everywhere. I made a comment while on vacation that his loose hair that would occasionally fly away was going on its own trip, and “Nathan’s Hair Goes Everywhere” was born.

“Nathan’s Hair Goes Everywhere” is a story about a snarl of Nathan’s hair named Harry. He loves adventure and decides to take a trip to London. He sees some sights, takes a lot of photos, and ends up in a spot of trouble. This story takes us through the many adventures he has until finally he finds a way to return home.

From the back cover: “Harry had always longed for adventure and on his first trip to London he ends up having the adventure of a lifetime!”

Nathan’s Hair Goes Everywhere is currently available through, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble!

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