Doris and Lester Notapenguin

It’s been quite a while since I’ve taken inspiration from Draw the Story by Piccadilly Press. Here’s a new installment using my new style!

“When the movie credits ended, the cartoon penguins looked at each other and said, ‘What do we do now?’ Unmoored from the narrator’s guiding voice, they weren’t sure how to proceed. They resented the happy ending for leaving them behind.

‘”But wait,’ said one, ‘This means we can do whatever we want. We don’t have to be clever and cute anymore!’

“‘What do we want?’ asked the other.

The birds thought for a moment, their heads tilted adorably. The idea struck them both at the same time. They booked the cruise to Hawaii under the names ‘Doris and Lester Notapenguin.'”

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Poultry Parade

When he reached the other side of the road, Bruce the Rooster felt awfully anticlimactic. Expectations had been so high, after all, and he hated to be a cliche. Why had he done it? He asked himself. Because it was the only thing he knew how to do.

The crossing had begun as a joke years ago, a funny way to kick off the annual harvest festival, and had become tradition. Bruce’s forefathers had crossed before him, he continued the legacy – strutted and staggered like the best of them – and one day a younger version would follow. All year the rooster trained. Walk straight and true, reach the curb, and flap dramatically. He’d added the final crow himself the previous year and it was expected from then on. That’s what he got for ad-libbing.

He may be a hack, a novelty, sellout, but it was better than being dinner.

Draw the Story, Piccadilly Press

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Owl Who?

The female owl glided out of the night sky and perched next to the male owl on the cedar branch.

“Knock knock…” she began giddily.

The other owl rolled his eyes. This routine was getting old.

“Knock knock!” she insisted.

“No! Not again.” This was getting undignified.

She sat quietly for a few moments, listening for the scurry of delicious mouse feet. Just when he thought she had given up…

“Knock knock…” she wasn’t going to let it go.

He sighed. “All right. Hoo’s there?”

Draw the Story by Piccadilly Press

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Giants in the Heights

High in he granite mountain peaks of Montana lived two giant brothers. They were small for their kind and slouched out of habit. On a remote mountainside where none dared to venture, they built themselves a log cabin befitting their size and lived there quite happily with a grizzly bear as a pet. With nothing but time to spare, they decked out the house with huge hand-carved furniture, fur blankets, and cushions stuffed with goose feathers.

On chilly summer nights, for it even snows in summer at such great heights, the brothers slept out under the stars beside a mammoth bonfire. The grizzly curled up in a pile of leaves he assembled just so. In the winter, all three hunkered down to hibernate, their snores lost in the icy gales.

Draw the Story, Piccadilly Press

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The Secret King

Because he could only be as bright as his surroundings, Mardi Gras was Charlie the chameleon’s favorite day of the year. Nowhere but on Bourbon Street in March were the colors in such fine form. As he crept carefully onto a parade float, he soaked up the purple, green and gold and disappeared into the festivities.

Even though no one saw him there, he felt like the center of attention. Looking upon his adoring crowd, he declared himself King of Carnival.

I found a wonderful book called “Draw the Story” by Piccadilly Press, which provides little snippets of stories to illustrate. I had a lot of fun drawing this one!