Poultry Parade

When he reached the other side of the road, Bruce the Rooster felt awfully anticlimactic. Expectations had been so high, after all, and he hated to be a cliche. Why had he done it? He asked himself. Because it was the only thing he knew how to do.

The crossing had begun as a joke years ago, a funny way to kick off the annual harvest festival, and had become tradition. Bruce’s forefathers had crossed before him, he continued the legacy – strutted and staggered like the best of them – and one day a younger version would follow. All year the rooster trained. Walk straight and true, reach the curb, and flap dramatically. He’d added the final crow himself the previous year and it was expected from then on. That’s what he got for ad-libbing.

He may be a hack, a novelty, sellout, but it was better than being dinner.

Draw the Story, Piccadilly Press

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Rise of the Robots!

Rise of the Robots is a prompt from Drawlloween’s past. Since I wasn’t following Drawlloween at the time, I decided to make up for lost time. I recently had feedback that I don’t use a lot of different points of view – most of my art seems to be pretty much straight on – and I decided to go big or go home! A single man is brave enough to take on the giant robot that’s decimating the city, while other robots and spaceships are working in the background. Do you think he’ll run away or get smashed?

Process Pics

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